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Welcome, benchmarc

We are dedicated to revolutionising contactless legal services. We delight in providing you with high quality, convenient, fixed price, timely, customised documents for your clients and business on an as needs basis.

This platform allows you to quickly and easily let us know about your document requirements. It provides your clients with access to fully maintained legal documents written by specialised, award-winning lawyers.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity – these aren’t templates. They are bespoke documents prepared for your client’s situation and reviewed by lawyers, accompanied by legal advice. We’ve just skipped the big firm costs and the hassle of needing to instruct us separately.

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How it works

By submitting the questionnaire, you agree to the Price and instruct us as your solicitor to prepare the documents in line with your responses.

Once we have received your request, we will confirm your instructions and prepare documents within 24 hours. Documents will be issued with a tax invoice for the Price which is payable within 14 day terms.

As with all our legal services, the client’s unlimited consultation with us on the documents is included in our fee.

Additional fees will apply if:

  • you require us to complete searches (disbursements incurred will be passed on at cost)
  • you require us to draft special conditions or have non-standard requests (from $650 + GST)
  • you require assistance with or advice on negotiations on legal terms (from $585 + GST per two rounds)
  • you require us to coordinate execution ($450 + GST)
  • you require us to attend to registration of any security ($385 + GST per instrument)

We will provide you with a Price for this additional work as applicable, for your approval. Please ensure your instructions are accurate. As with all legal advice, we rely on your instructions being accurate, complete and up-to-date, so that we can provide the most appropriate documents for the client’s circumstances.

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