Find Your People: We’re hiring!

After expanding our footprint through 2021 and promoting successful teammates, we are recruiting into the Morris Legal Group team in 2022!

We’re seeking a kind, motivated and high achieving indiviual to assist us with client care and administration in our Kingston office.

How we do it

We are tech-driven and client focussed. We hardcore leverage technology to automate tasks, make remote work dreamy, improve client experiences and make matter tracking flawless.

Best in class service to our clients and the profession is our absolute priority. And our aim is to make it as easy as possible for our team to deliver that promise.

You can learn all about us, our team, our work and our innovative approach to practising law right here on our website. Details of how we approach work in the time of COVID-19 are also publicly available at Our Covid Plan

For details on the available role, check out our listing on HERE: Concierge Role in Kingston, ACT with Morris Legal Group

If you have what it takes, awesome! Your next steps are to:

  • Dust of your CV but don’t send it yet. This step is important.
  • Send an email to our Business Manager at with Roaring in the subject line, to introduce yourself.

  • We look forward to seeing you soon!