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When you enter into a commercial lease as a Tenant in the ACT, you have the right to receive certain disclosures prior to entering into the lease, and you enjoy certain rights during the term of the lease, under the Leases (Commercial and Retail) Act 2001 (ACT).

It is, however, usual practice for some of those statutory rights to be waived, and your Landlord may have asked you to seek a lawyer to give you certain certificates. These might include a “Section 30 Certificate”, a “Section 104 Certificate” and/or a “Section 111 Certificate”.

By receiving these certificates, you are waiving certain rights which you would otherwise have under the legislation, and you can only waive those rights after you have received independent legal advice.

Our leasing certificates questionnaire will take you through what these certificates are and what their effect is, and ask you a number of questions to get to know your needs, collect some important details and provide you with our fixed fee quote.

Once you have reached the end, you will receive a confirmation email and a callback so that we can verify your instructions and provide you with your advice.

If you are happy to proceed, we will then verify your identity and receive your written authority to act for you, sign any Land Titles Office forms that your Landlord requires and also provide you with your waiver certificates.
Have fun, and if you have any questions please Contact Us. We look forward to joining you on your next adventure!