Capital Food Market Heads of Agreement

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Capital Food Market Heads of Agreement

This form produces a Heads of Agreement for use at the Capital Food Market and is suitable for:

  • New leases with new tenants
  • New leases with existing tenants
  • Lease renewals with existing tenants
  • Agreements for Lease with new or existing tenants for premises that have not yet been constructed

By completing and submitting this form, whether for yourself or for a client:

  • You are instructing us to undertake legal services for the Capital Food Market on behalf of Elanor Funds Management Limited ACN 125 903 031 as trustee for the Belconnen Markets Syndicate (the client)
  • The client agrees to the Price for these services per our previous disclosures
  • You declare that your responses to this questionnaire, which form your instructions, are accurate, complete and up-to-date

and trading name if applicable, e.g ABC Pty Ltd ACN 123 456 789 t/as All Best Crafts

Street Address (if known)

(if known)

Name of Law Firm (if known)

E.g Shop and plan number

(if known, estimate is ok)

(if known)

(if known)

e.g 3 years

(leave blank if none)

(state in years)

(eg, 7am – 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday)

(ex GST, specify per annum, per sqm or per month below)

e.g if there is a rent free period

Tick the type of incentive the Tenant will receive, if applicable

(if required to secure this HOA)

(eg, 3%, CPI, etc)

(eg rates, land tax)

(eg, insurance, cleaning, body corporate levies, etc)

(if known)

(eg, 5%)

(If $ figure is not known, leave blank and 3 months’ cash bond or bank guarantee will be required)